Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Pay for Roof Repairs?

You rely on your roof to work well, because it will keep your house insulated and dry. If it doesn’t function properly, it might leak, let in pests, and cause you to waste a lot of energy due to lack of insulation. And that’s just the top of a long list of potential cost damages. So, if you fix your roof, you might save yourself a lot of trouble later. But roof repairs cost money. Can your homeowners insurance cover your roof’s repairs?a large brick house with grass in front of a house 

Structure Insurance and Roof Damage 

A homeowners insurance policy often will contain provisions that cover damage to your roof. 

However, limitations will exist. 
First, to receive coverage for your roof’s damage, then you need to have structure coverage on the policy. It will pay for damage to the dwelling itself, and its various components, the roof included. Since structure coverage is the basis of any homeowners insurance policy, then you likely don’t have to look far to get roof protection. 

The limit to this coverage, however, is that it won’t pay for every type of roof damage.  

Homeowners insurance is supposed to protect you in cases of unexpected or unavoidable damage to your home. It’s not just going to cover your standard ten-year roof replacement or your average patch job. Those are your responsibilities to cover. 

However, your policy will often pay should your roof sustain damage in a covered peril. If a fire damages the roof, or if a storm causes a tree to fall on it, then your policy might pay for the necessary repairs. That way, you’ll be able to return the roof to the state it was before the damage occurred. Your house’s overall security, and its value, can therefore remain secure. 

Getting Enough Coverage 

When setting up your policy, talk to your agent about the various cost parameters that will address your  coverage

  • There is a cost to repair or replace your roof. Therefore, you’ll need to make sure your policy offers at least enough protection for the full cost of the roof repairs. Most structure policies will pay you the replacement value for the roof, which is enough money to make repairs at today’s value, using appropriate materials. 

  • Policies will contain deductibles. You must pay the deductible cost before your policy will pay the rest of a claim cost. Therefore, make sure you choose a deductible that you can reasonably afford. 

Also, don’t forget that not every type of hazard will have coverage. Therefore, make sure you know when your policy won’t cover you. It might tip you off to extra steps to take to protect the roof at all times. 

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