4 Great Reasons to “Bundle Up” for Auto Insurance Savings

Bundling is simply the process by which we combine our auto insurance with our homeowners or renters insurance. Life insurance may also be added to the mix in many cases. a person driving a car

Here are a few advantages of bundling insurance coverage:

1.      Discounts: Any enterprise — including insurance companies — tends to give you a better deal if you send more business its way. In general, the more types of coverage that you get from one source, the better the discounts. 

2.      Avoiding the Gap: Two things can happen when policies are purchased from a variety of sources. First, redundancies can occur. This means that you may be paying for coverage that overlaps on two or more policies. Second, the opposite may occur. There may be gaps in your overall coverage, which can leave you financially vulnerable. When auto and home coverages are combined, your agent can typically add an umbrella policy that specifically addresses any potential gaps in your overall coverage. Umbrella policies are often modestly priced and they may pay for themselves in peace-of-mind alone. 

3.      Save Time: Streamlining your policies in this way tends to save a policyholder time in the long-run. Payments, claims and changes in coverage become more efficient as you deal with one agent and one company on a regular basis. 

4.      A Single Deductible: Some insurance carriers will allow a customer to pay just one deductible in the event of damage to multiple items. A classic example would be storm damage that generated claims regarding both your home and your vehicle. Although it will typically be the higher of the two deductibles that you’ll be expected to pay when this feature is offered, savings can accrue at a time when any positive experience makes things just a little better. 

When it comes to your insurance policies, “bundle up” for savings, efficiency and peace-of-mind.

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